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What curriculum does BIS-NY offer?

Authorised as an IBO World School in Spring 2009, The British International School of New York is proud to offer a distinctive curriculum combining the inquiry based approach of the IB Primary Years and Middle Years Program with the content and rigour of the English National Curriculum.

The school aims to develop confident young learners with a truly global outlook in a cross–curricular, supporting and engaging teaching environment.

Where do BIS-NY’s faculty and staff come from?

At The British International School of New York our faculty are as diverse as our students. Given the curriculum we offer, it's no surprise that many of our staff are British or British-trained, but alongside our Brits we have a number of highly-qualified, world class faculty from all over the world including New Zealand, France, Australia and of course the United States!  One thing all our teachers, specialists, assistants and administrators have in common is a true commitment to education and enriching the lives of the children in our care.

What are BIS-NY’s class sizes and what is the staff-pupil ratio?

At The British International School of New York we know that smaller class sizes promote deeper learning and enable greater individualization for the students and therefore it is our general principle to keep our classes at 20 students or below. The staff-pupil ratio across the whole school is 1:7, although in the Early Years it is closer to 1:5.

Does BIS-NY offer afterschool sports and activities?

Yes, there are a wide variety of afterschool options on offer, depending on the age and interests of your individual child. The clubs on offer vary each term to allow students access to a breadth of activities. Examples include Yoga, Musical Theatre, Soccer, Basketball, Robotics and Ballet.

Can BIS-NY cater to a child with special needs?

Depending on the nature of the student's need, the school will consider each situation carefully with the most important question being: will the child flourish in our school and fit into the classroom environment. For children in school with SEN requirements, our SEN Coordinator works with the family, the class teacher, and subject specialists to minimize disruption and increase inclusion.

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