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Who attends The British International School of New York?

The students at our school don't follow a set profile, but are a dynamic mix of American, British and International families which creates a very stimulating learning environment for all, and a rich and inclusive network for our wider community. 

How many students attend The British International School of New York?

The number of students enrolled varies a bit from year to year but is usually in the region 275.

How does the School help with the transition of new families into the community?

This is an area we are expert in and take great pride in helping introduce our new students and their families to the BIS-NY Community.With rolling admissions and our international profile, new children are always welcomed with open arms.

Our Parents' Association Ambassador Program ensures that new parents are matched with families already in the school in order that students can have social contact immediately that they are ready on joining the school.  New students are encouraged to visit the school for themselves before starting to have a good sense of their new environment.

We know what reassurance a friendly face and a chance to explore before the first day can make and in our experience, whether the family is joining from the other side of the island, or the other side of the world, everyone settles in very quickly!

Is there much parental involvement?

Every parent is automatically a member of our Parents' Association. As we do not fund-raise at The British International School of New York, the primary function of the P.A. is to enhance the community of the school, providing many social events for parents and students as well as assisting with school events such as Sports Day, International Week and World Book Day.

Where possible we encourage parental involvement and are always delighted to have a parent visitor come into class and share something unique to the family’s culture or perhaps an overview of their profession. We recognize that often the parents are as much a part of our shared culture and community as their children.

Does BIS-NY offer transport options to and from school?

Yes, we have both private and public bus options available. The private school bus has a fee attached but is a door-to-door service. The public bus option is free, but picks and up and drops off to specific designated spots in the City within District 2 (the school's public school district). For more information on transportation options, please contact the school directly on (+1 212 481 2700), or review the transportation section of the website.

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