Application & Admissions

For more information on application and admission to The British International School of New York please follow the links below.

When should I apply?

Although The British International School of New York operates Rolling Admissions (where space is available), we recommend you apply as early as possible. Siblings are given priority but after that places are offered in order of receipt of the application. 

How can I apply?

For a full overview of the process, please visit here. Applications are submitted online through a provider called TADS. For any questions relating to the school, the process or your child's application we welcome you to call us on (+1) 212 481-2700. We recongize the process can be quite daunting!

How and when can I arrange to see the school?

We know what a difference visiting a school can make and encourage school visits wherever possible. Generally this will take the form of a personal tour at a time that is most convenient however we also host regular Open Houses where parents can visit as part of a group if that is preferred.

Is Financial Assistance available?

At The British International School of New York we are committed to supporting as many families as we can in being able to access a BIS-NY education. For more information on the process please visit here or call the school directly.

Why is the tuition for a 3 year old the same as that for a 13 year old?

The cost of educating a child is roughly the same whatever their age.  Where a younger child will require a higher staff to pupil ratio, an older pupil will require specialist teachers, resources and equipment.

Are there any additional charges associated with sending my child to BIS-NY?

The British International School of New York does not fund-raise from its parents or any organization. Outside of the tuition, the only other costs to a family are that of uniform, afterschool clubs (if applicable) and school transportation (if applicable).

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