Introducing the Middle Years

As a natural progression from the Primary Years Program (PYP) and harmonious adjustment for students from any educational background, the MYP provides a balanced education that equips young people for effective participation in the world.

The curriculum continues to successfully blend the creativity and inquiry based approach of the I.B. with the depth and rigor of the English National Curriculum. The eight subject disciplines outlined in the model above are complimented by the inclusion of Latin, a vibrant sports program, school plays, debate, choir, and student government, with the overall aim of developing skills through experiential learning.

This cohesive curriculum is hands-on and is explored through the lens of the global contexts and driven by the approaches to learning "ATL" (Approaches to Learning) skills. Students enthusiastically engage with how these disciplines manifest themselves in the real world, allowing pupils to make meaningful connections in their learning whilst developing critical and reflective thinking skills in the process.

We take great pride in the relationships that we foster with our middle school students, and take great care to introduce approaches to learning to help tackle complex and sensitive issues that the students may be facing at this time. As well as promoting action and service to the local and global community, regular mentor sessions fosters positive communication and problem-solving skills to equip our young adults to transition smoothly on to their onward schools.

Our exciting annual excursion week promotes international mindedness as well as developing life-long learners outside of the classroom.

The academic rigor and breadth of our MYP curriculum allow our students to navigate towards the next stage of their education, confident, happy and eager to learn.

Language and Literature

Modern Languages


The Sciences

The Arts


Physical & Health Education

Individuals and Societies





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