Exploring the past with Year 3!

Year 3 School Event

It's been an extremely exciting first week back for Year 3 as they dig deep into their current unit about past civilizations! On Tuesday, they flew to Egypt to help our friend Archaeologist Amy with her 'Big Dig' and carefully excavated a wealth of precious, ancient artifacts. On Wednesday, the students were able to enjoy the treasures mined by fellow archaeologists at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. In exploring the civilizations and how they lived, they were amazed by the skills and knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks, and were able to accurately link those ancient artifacts to ideas, concepts and items from the present day. As ever, the highlight was of course an introduction to the mummies! #BISNY#MoreThanASchool#BISNYyear3#BISNYpyp#ibpyp#BISNYtrips#britishschools#britisheducation#AncientEqypt#AncientGreek#Archeology

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