Water Walk

Whole School

Huge congratulations to our fantastic Year 3 students on completing their Water Walk! The students decided to take action after their recent unit on water. In order to empathize with the children they had learnt about, our children walked three and a half miles to the Williamsburg Bridge and back. This distance represents the average distance children in the developing world walk to collect water.  We completed our walk without water and carried two jerry cans along the way.

We were delighted to be joined by representatives from Water Aid.

Before embarking on the walk the children had shared their knowledge of the global water crisis with friends and family in an effort to fundraise. The children did an AMAZING job raising the money. Their efforts and passion have been simply fantastic; WaterAid and Thirst project will be thrilled with our amount, which combined as a Year group, comes to an OUTSTANDING $4,593!!!! BEYOND FANTASTIC!!



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