Bye Bye Birdie from BIS-NY on Vimeo.

Welcome to New York, 1958: it’s a “rock around the clock” type of place, where romance and jovial blues pulse through the streets. Think Hitchcock, space exploration, all-night diners; Cadillac convertibles, poodle skirts, and of course, that great animal that is Rock ‘n Roll. It’s here that we meet hip-thrusting, toe tapping, teen heart-throb, Conrad Birdie (think Harry Styles of the 1950s) who has been drafted into the army to the despair of his many adoring, fanatical and borderline-neurotic female fans!

Birdie’s charismatic agent and once-literary-scholar, Albert Peterson, along with his head-strong and sassy secretary, Rosie Alvarez, plan a farewell performance for Birdie on the widely watched Ed Sullivan television show, in hope that the performance will provide the publicity to sell his new song “One Last Kiss” and bring the Almaelou Music Corporation out of debt.

Rosie suggests that at the conclusion of the performance, Birdie gives a real kiss to one lucky girl from his fan club. This lucky girl, randomly chosen, is the cute and honestly sincere Kim MacAfee from the picture perfect town of Sweet Apple, Ohio.

With music to play, places to go, people to see, Albert, Rosie, and Conrad pack their bags and make their way from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan to charm and calm of small town USA. Brace yourselves, things are about to turn up a notch…

Kim’s new steady – boy next door, Hugo Peabody, is beginning to get jealous at the thought of his girl kissing Birdie on national television, and can you blame him? Meanwhile, Rosie is getting similarly irate in waiting for Albert to put a ring on it – eight years is long enough! But Albert’s domineering mother, the uptight Mrs. Mae Peterson, is constantly interfering in their relationship and this monster-in-law to be isn’t giving up without a fight.

To top it off, the adults of Sweet Apple just can’t take their teens’ riotous rebellion, outlandish behavior and all night telephone hours inspired by the arrival of Birdie. What’s wrong with these kids today!!

Will Albert finally commit? Will Mae leave Rosie alone? Will Conrad save Albert’s music company from failure? Will Sweet Apple ever be the same?

Five months of auditioning, singing, learning lines, dance moves, character development, creation of sets and props, sewing poodle skirts, researching the 1950’s style and attitudes, and over 60 students hard work both on and off the stage - we could not be more proud of BISNY’s 4th Annual Year 4-9 production: Bye Bye Birdie.

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