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English teachers love an analogy and none more so than any book related one. We can often be heard talking about life being like a book with chapters and cliffhangers and moments of doubt and change, all to encourage our students to understand life’s journey with its many ups and downs; its plot twists and turns. Well, in true BISNY style, the idea of life as a book truly came to town on March 2nd 2015.

For that week, Waterside Plaza played host to many of our literary heroes. I wasn’t sure who I would meet as I rounded the next corner. Would it be Katniss Everdeen, complete with her quiver full of arrows or Harry Potter himself, eyes shining behind those famous frames? The screeching tones of Gollum searching for his ‘precious’ and the wailings of the not-so scary Gruffallo could be heard reverberating around our school; what on earth had happened? Was this the living embodiment of ‘Ink-Heart’? Had BISNY fallen into a parallel universe of all things bookish?  Who would be brave enough to uncover the truth?

As I contemplated who I would take with me as my Cervantes to discover what was happening, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I realized that it was just our annual ‘Book week’. BISNY hadn’t totally lost all grip on reality, it had just immersed itself, with customary gusto fully into the week’s activities and events.

From ‘Pocket-Poems’ to the appearance of the Iron Giant and Willy Wonka on classroom doors, the whole school came alive with imagination and creativity. At one memorable point, poems by Armitage and Keats, no less, were recited in the middle of a football match! Now, that’s commitment!! The entire week culminated with what BISNY does best: a whole school dress up day for staff and students. Along with the afore-mentioned Everdeen and Potter, we were treated to Austen’s Mr. Darcy, Tolkien’s Gandalf and even Christie’s Poirot: a truly international flavour of literary giants reflecting the international nature and status of our remarkable school.

Of course, book week wouldn’t have been book week without daily trips to “Books of Wonder” where students were given the opportunity to explore this treasure trove of tomes, to treat themselves to a text or two and to listen to inspirational talks by an authors and illustrators.

So as we turn the page on a fine week of all things reading, I look forward to the next chapter and what ‘Book Week 2016’ has in store…

Mr Bernard

Head of English

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