Stem Week 2015


Earlier this term our MYP STEM unit concluded for Years 7-9. Over the course of five weeks, students worked on solving a real world problem of their choice through the lens of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

STEM is in its second year at BIS-NY and its goal is to facilitate and inspire MYP students to think critically and put their learning and skills into action.  21st century skills are key in the world today and a necessity for the ever changing, contemporary workforce which our students will join.  Our keynote speaker this year was British Consulate General, Martin Cook whose remarks were inspirational and truly fitting for our middle school students.

The diverse inquiries presented to parents, visitors, students and faculty are an example of the tenacity and gracious confidence that our Middle School students possess. Inquiries involving social media, electric cars, scent, memory, recycling, volcanoes, cameras, parkour, music and Math, crystals, maglev,  robotics, military based inquiries, 3-D printing, stress, fingerprinting, microbiology and psyllium left our stakeholders with no doubt that we are preparing young people for the world of tomorrow.

Moving our Headmaster across a room using a hovercraft built by two STEM brothers in Year 7 and 9 from a shower curtain, a leaf blower and base proved that STEM is not just about solving problems but is also lots of fun in the process!

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