Football Remembers


n the week of December 8-12th, during our Games lessons, students in Years 3-9 were made aware of the Christmas Truce Match that took place in 1914 during the First World War.

The #FootballRemembers campaign, supported by the English Football Association, Premier League, Football League and the British Council, encouraged schools and clubs all over the UK to re-enact the Christmas Truce Match. To gain a better understanding our students watched watched this video which was created by Sainsbury’s, in collaboration with The British Legion, to further raise awareness.

The video gave the students the chance to discuss and reflect upon how life might have been for the soldiers in the trenches and to explore why the match meant so much to them. Following this discussion, the students attempted to recreate the match during our Games lessons in East River Park. The students guided the direction of the match, which saw them march to the field where the two opposing sides came together and demonstrated the acts of kindness and open-mindedness that allowed two sets of soldiers to find some brief common ground that included a spontaneous football match.

For Year 8, prior to recreating the match, an assembly was held where Martin Cook (Deputy Consul General of New York), as well as Paul Jeffries (Director of Community Development, New York City FC), were in attendance to make the lesson a broader, more collaborative experience with members of our local community. Topics that were raised by the students during the assembly included their increasing knowledge of what actually happened at the Christmas Truce Match and their awareness of being part of a unique experience as a British school in New York.

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