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Latest Tweets from @BritishSchoolNY
Latest Tweets from @BritishSchoolNY
With excitement, Year Three children visited Doctor Lee at Waterside Plaza Dentist this week to learn about our teeth and the digestive system. Waterside Plaza #BIS-NY #newyorkschools #internationalschools #britishInternationalSchool
Year 2 have been learning about healthy eating and visited Chef Josh from Flik Independent School Dining to learn make healthy and balanced snacks. #healthyeating #BIS-NY
Are you a BIS-NY dad? If you are, we're delighted to invite you to a "Dad's night out" hosted by our Parents Association on Thursday 24th October. Please RSVP to bisnypa & enjoy! #parentsassociation #BISNY #BISNYparents #internationalschools #NewYorkSchools
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